Meet the Team

Dr Rachel Winter

Founder & Project Lead

Rachel is a Psychiatrist in Leicester working with older people and with a particular interest in liaison psychiatry (supporting patients who have a physical health problem as well as a mental illness) and dementia care. Rachel studied medicine at Leicester Medical School and is now a lecturer there too. She spends some of her time researching empathy in medicine and supporting student mental health. She is passionate about promoting psychiatry and supporting young people from all backgrounds access a career in healthcare. When not at work Rachel enjoys relaxing with family and friends and open water swimming.

Dr Hayley Andrews


Hayley has been a Consultant Psychiatrist in Leicester for four years. Hayley went to Leicester Medical School, but before this, she studied for a degree in psychology. She now works as an in-patient consultant (supporting patients who have been admitted to a psychiatric hospital) and is also a lecturer at Leicester Medical School. Hayley delivers psychiatry teaching to medical students in their third year. Hayley founded Medicine Calling with Rachel in 2016 to inspire the next generation to consider a career in psychiatry and to help them understand the differences between psychology and psychiatry. 

Sarah Addition

Project Manager

Sarah has worked at the University of Leicester since 2017. She works in student recruitment and outreach and has lots of experience in supporting activities and projects, which aim to help young people from diverse backgrounds access medical and healthcare careers. Sarah spends lots of her time talking to school and college students, teachers and parents about higher education and how to apply for medicine, nursing and allied healthcare careers. 

Dr Ann Boyle


Ann has worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist for Older People in Leicester since 1995 and currently works in liaison psychiatry. She studied medicine at National University of Ireland Galway and moved to the UK for psychiatry training in Cambridge and Leicester. She has held lots of different leadership roles at Leicestershire Partnership Trust, Health Education England and the Royal College of Psychiatrists. She's also an Associate Professor at Leicester Medical School and teaches medical students on the ‘Older Persons and Integrated Care’ module. She is personal tutor and enjoys mentoring future doctors and shaping the future medical workforce at the earliest stages of training.   As a fan since her medical school years, she is hoping to see Bruce Springsteen on tour in the UK very soon! 

Dr Hannah Fosker


Hannah is a psychiatrist in Leicester and specialises in adult psychiatry (looking after people with a mental illness who are aged 18-65). She grew up in Suffolk, then went to Leicester Medical School and stayed in Leicester to complete her psychiatry training. Hannah is really interested in supporting primary and secondary school children in finding out about medicine and healthcare degrees, and in promoting the amazing career psychiatry can offer! She also enjoys teaching Medical students, and developing knowledge and skills in psychiatry in doctors who will later specialise in other things. Outside of psychiatry, her favourite things are her dogs and Star Wars. 

Dr Mohammed Qureshi


Mohammed is a Psychiatrist in Leicester. He went to Leicester Medical School and then to Birmingham to start his training in psychiatry, before returning to Leicester. Mohammed works in old age psychiatry (supporting people with a range of mental illnesses who are over the age of 65). He is interested in medical education and passionate about helping young people look after their own mental health and well-being. 

Dr Kris Roberts


Kris is a Psychiatrist in Nottinghamshire and works in forensic psychiatry at Rampton High Security Hospital. Kris trained at Leicester Medical School and he has an interest in medical education and writing. Medicine Calling helps him communicate his passion for Psychiatry to students and young people from diverse backgrounds and to explain how richly rewarding a healthcare career can be! Otherwise, he enjoys most sports (but especially football), live music and reading.

Ms Rachael Breare

Social Media Lead

Rachael has just finished medical school at Leicester & is about to start her first Foundation (junior doctor) post working in geriatric medicine. At school she found support & information about careers in medicine was not easily available. Resources, like Medicine Calling, could have helped. Throughout Medical school Rachael developed a keen interest in widening participation to medical careers and has become our Social Media ambassador. She’s excited to help school and sixth form students get the help & advice they need. When not studying or supporting Medicine Calling, Rachael enjoys playing Quidditch! 

Dr Navin Leanage


Navin is an Emergency Medicine Doctor in Leicester and a medical educator. He is particularly interested in pre-hospital care and in teaching medical students to learn through simulation (learning in a clinical environment with no risk to patients). Navin studied at Leicester Medical School and teaches medical students about emergency medicine and acute care. He has supported Medicine Calling since it was first set up and runs his own project, Junior Emergency Medicine (JEM), which gives young people from diverse backgrounds a taster in emergency medicine whilst supporting them in applying for medicine and healthcare degrees. 

Dr Sam Adcock


Sam has been a GP Partner in Leicester for the last 13 years and an Admissions tutor and Lead for the Medicine with Foundation Year course at Leicester Medical School. He is a GP trainer (which means he trains junior doctors to be future GPs) and spends much of his time supporting both medical students and junior doctors become the best clinicians they can be. A major part of his University role is in Widening Participation to Medicine. Outside of Medicine, he enjoys being a dad of 2 and aspires to be on the Bake Off one day!

  • Inspire & kickstart the next generation of mental health careers.

  • Promote the meaningful rewards of a career in mental health care.

  • Build awareness of the diverse and fascinating roles in mental health care.

  • Challenge and breakdown stigmas surrounding mental illness.

  • Connect young people with current healthcare professionals.

  • Equip young people with the knowledge & advice to progress in a mental health profession.

Our Vision

Medicine Calling is here to help. We’re working to secure the future of our mental health workforce by inspiring the next generation of psychiatrists & mental health nurses.


We host motivational events, talks & interactive workshops for students in years 7-13 & provide teachers with resources to equip young people with the knowledge, guidance & support needed to progress in a mental health career.

Our Story

The Problem

Mental health problems in the UK are rising at an alarming rate.


We face unprecedented challenges from factors such as Covid, the cost of living emergency and social media.

Meanwhile the NHS is experiencing an ongoing recruitment crisis, particularly in the mental health sector.

A career in

Our Partners


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